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Today, "Food Safety" & “Pharmaceutical Safety” is said to be the most concerning issue around the world. In recent years, governments of various countries have been committed to the “traceability management” of any food & pharmaceutical products. And, have formulated food safety laws starting from the stages of raw materials, production & processing, packaging, delivery to consumption are all covered. From start to the end, relevant industries are required to issue the “Production & Sales History” for the relevant government agencies and consumers to quickly obtain the above-mentioned relevant information. It is so-called “Traceability”. It is well-known for producing food & pharmaceutical products that starting from raw materials, production & processing to packaging, metal contamination may be occurred. It is really that hazardous foreign metal objects in food or drugs is one of the main focus of food and pharmaceutical safety.

For decades of research and development, Compunic provides various types of metal detectors for food and pharmaceutical industries. From raw materials, processing to the completion of the packaging, there are suitable MD machines, which are widely used in the supply chain of different food and pharmaceutical industries. Compunic MD machines have excellent sensitivity, stability, durability, & functionality. Especially, the practical sensitivity performs very well for testing products. The Compunic MD platforms are designed for both sides of the entrance and exit be suspension structure, which is very convenient to connect with the existing production line equipment to formulate better production flow lines. And, it can directly penetrate the wall of isolated rooms to achieve the purpose of preventing inter-contamination among different production lines & production stages. Therefore, Compunic metal detectors are well-known and can be often found in various food and drug processing production lines. It is even more honored that these food processing plants often urge their raw material suppliers to use Compunic metal detectors to avoid any foreign metal objects to be mixed with the raw materials. Therefore, the Compunic MD machines often be assigned & applied in the "Traceability Management" operation of the food processing supply chain for reaching the goal of the current "Food Safety" and "Pharmaceutical Safety" standards. And, it is an honor to say that Compunic MD participated in the establishment of high reliability of “traceable agriculture products” & more issues regarding the whole “traceability” paths from any food processing stages to logistics for "food production and sales history" labelling.

For years, Compunic has been collaborating w/ food safety professionals at customer’s site, work with quality assurance officers, F.S.C.O. - Food Safety Compliance Officer & food safety technicians for resolving their crucial metal detection issues. And, cooperating w/ food safety consultants to assist customers for getting international certification standards certificates. Also, come to assist customer’s urgent demand for dealing with factory inspection by Auditors / Inspectors of Food Safety units, such as International Certification Standard, Government Bureaus, Brand Buyer & etc… Therefore, Compunic has been actively joining food safety activities of various international food safety associations & high-density interaction w/ food safety groups. Compunic feels thankful sincerely for the cooperation & assistance of all food safety senior members and professionals, they introduce more opportunities for Compunic to contribute more resources for the food safety domain & involve in more & more food safety issues deeply.

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